Chemical Company in Pursuit of Sporting Giant

Jim Ratcliffe’s company, INEOS, started off the year strong by purchasing former BASF Construction Chemical businesses – they’ve now ventured off and entered the bidding war to acquire one of the most prestigious and historic soccer (football) clubs in the world, Manchester United.

Jim is a massive fan of the club and wants to get the team back to winning silverware. It’s an interesting move by the chemical company and it comes with great timing; there’s an unfavorable view and image of the current ownership of the Glazer family. Man United haven’t won a trophy since 2017 and the fans have become unsettled. This doesn’t sound like an extended amount of time without glory, but with the team’s stature in the sport, the demands are immensely high.

Bids from other companies and investors are expected to be brought forward in the upcoming months with the Red Devils aiming to obtain new ownership by the Summer of 2023. Link to the Article

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