Chemical Industry News Round-Up (6/30)

Here are a couple interesting articles that we found this week:

+ Environmental, health, & safety initiatives throughout the industry seem to become more and more popular throughout this year as we have seen an increase in demand for these types of roles. For example, the State of Washington is pushing stricter safety policies within refineries to avoid tragic incidents from occurring. Link to Article

+ A sustainability-focused partnership between Chevron Philips, LyondellBasell, and Technip Energies is in the works for the creation of an e-furnace technology. They are developing an electric steam cracking process demonstration that would hopefully allow for full-scale unit production (in the near future). The source will be using electricity instead of conventional fossil fuels. Link to Article

+ Vertex Energy’s sale of renewable diesel from their Mobile, AL refinery has begun – with a total sale of around 110k barrels of product. Link to Article