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AK Review:
I have always had a kind of fascination with the macabre, but for whatever reason, I've also been interested in disaster stories. Natural disasters, man-made disasters, etc, I'm interested. I had read several articles about Chernobyl over the years but had never really done a deep dive on it, outside of a fantastic TV show that came out a couple of years (Chernobyl, on HBO). This book is phenomenal - it is extremely well-researched and he does a great job of getting as much first-hand information as possible. Even the parts where he is digging into the technical reasons for the explosion in Unit 4, where it could get easily bogged down, he keeps it moving. I couldn't put this book down and really felt that I gained a better appreciation for not only what happened, but also for the heroism of the people who helped clean up the mess afterwards.

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AK Review:
When I finish a book like this, I feel as though I have seen nothing, done nothing and suffered nothing. E.H. Shakleton led an expedition in 1914 that set out to land on the Antarctic continent and then cross it. Only a couple of months into the journey, their ship (named 'Endurance') was trapped in the ice flows. Eventually it sank. They had managed to save most of their provisions and gear and for the next 18 months, they were lost on the ice. To say more would be to ruin the story, but needless to say, this is one of the most incredible stories of leadership and survival that has ever been told. Even if this isn't the sort of thing you typically go for in books, I would recommend this story. The author is a little dramatic at times, but all of his accounts come from diaries that were kept by the men on the expedition, or from first-hand accounts told after they were rescued. It is truly an amazing story.

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