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I've been updating a salary survey for chemical engineers since about 2015, updating it once every couple of years. Because our dataset has become quite large, I've moved my data collection efforts to a form.

Here's what I promise:

  1. Your data is confidential. I do not and will not share, sell or otherwise distribute any of the data I gather here. This is for the purposes of creating a salary survey report only.
  2. If you help me by providing your data, I will send you the completed 2024 salary survey report.


FOR EMPLOYERS/HR/TA: If you wish to have a copy of the 2023 chemical engineering salary survey report for benchmarking purposes, please reach out to me directly via the email below. I am happy to help in these efforts.

If you would rather not complete an online form, I get it - please email your answers to these questions at

Compensation Survey (2024)
Please complete all fields. If you have any questions for me, please call me at (630) 474-9643 x 2 or email me at I have added a few questions to this year's survey. I have included some rationale for why I am asking for the information.
Your name will not be tied to any data, but I need to make sure I don't have duplicates.
Please provide the email address you would like me to email the results of the salary survey to.
**Please provide the City and State information - we do not need Street Address data (just put a dash or asterisk in the street line). We collect this data in order to break down salary target by region of the country.
This is critical for being able determine median comp at different levels of industry tenure.
I hesitated to put this in because company titles can be so specific to the company. If you could help me, standardize your title. In other words, capture the essence of the job you do.
What I'm after here is are you supporting a single facility or are you at a corporate office supporting multiple facilities?
Please enter as a percentage of the time (e.g. 25% of the time). If your role does not have any travel, please put '0'.
I want to be able to compare compensation between degree levels, something I have been asked about frequently in the past.
Base comp, or base pay rate (if hourly), independent of bonuses, etc.
What is your yearly bonus target - I'm *not* asking what it paid out as, but rather what the target is. If you don't receive a bonus as part of your compensation, please put '0'.
How many days of vacation do you receive per year, not including company-observed holidays? If your company has an 'unlimited vacation' policy, please tell me how many vacation days you take per year, on average.
What are your company's 401K matching terms? If your company does not have a 401K match, please type '0'.
I want to start to get a handle on things like, "What percentage of companies offer their employees an LTI" and similar questions.
I am constantly asked about WFH and Hybrid work models - I want to see what levels of adoption these policies have in the industry. If your company is doing something else, please tell me about it in the "anything else" box at the bottom.
These categories aren't perfect; please choose the one that best describes the main products/services of your current or most recent employer.
If I am missing something or you have a suggestion for something else I can ask about - please give me that feedback here. I probably can't make the adjustment for this time around, but will for future iterations of this survey.

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