The JobFit Report - Better than a Resume

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With the JobFit Report we feel that we have a true differentiator to offer our clients and candidate partners, the kind that most other agencies only talk about. The JobFit Report was developed by veteran recruiters for companies as well as candidates, to help companies make better, more informed choices on new hires and to help job seekers understand and market themselves in an increasingly competitive job market. Here are the ways in which the JobFit Report can be an asset to you:

For Companies:

  • This is a cost-effective solution for implementing a psychological test or culture-fit
    type step into your hiring process.
  • Helps reduce the number of mis-hires by offering you an in-depth view of the
    candidate’s personality, aptitude in a variety of areas and overall EQ
  • Helps to enhance employee retention (identifies areas for future
    development/growth opportunities)
  • Helps with finding people who are the best organizational/culture fit

For Job Seekers:

  • The JobFit Assessment helps you understand you, suggesting areas for career
    exploration, that match with your strengths
  • It can be used as an enhanced resume, offering your traditional resume,
    EQ/Personality/Aptitude assessment and references, all in one document,
    which helps you to stand out in the crowd
  • Resume and career coaching services are available to help you put it all
    together, dramatically increasing your chances of landing the ‘next big thing’!


In a marketplace that seems to be moving faster and faster everyday – making the right choice and being able to make that choice quickly, is paramount. We offer the JobFit Report as part of our standard recruiting services in the searches we do for our clients, but it is open to anyone to use. Companies and individuals are encouraged to use this service and you can get more information about that by filling out the form on the side panel. We would be honored to partner with you!

For job seekers, the cost of a JobFit Report is $299. Similar pricing is available for employer companies - and discounts are available if you want to purchase bulk credits.