Concert Reviews


These are the concert reviews I’ve included in my monthly eNewsletter. If you love music as much as I do, call me! I love to talk music. (last updated 9/19/2017)

JP Review: They blew the roof off of the Arcada Theater! I last saw them in 1975 and I swear, they were better this time around. After the concert, I got to meet three of the founding members of the group including Cynthia Robinson and got to tell her how much I loved their music. Sly is no longer with the group and hasn’t been for some time. The warm-up was Ty Stone along with a James Brown cover band which sounded really good. The highlight of the Family Stone portion of the concert was them finishing the concert off with “I Wanna Take You Higher”. I absolutely loved this concert.

JP Review: I know all of my faithful readers think that the main requirement I have in attending concerts is that the band members have to be over 60…I’m here to say that is not true. Two Words describe this concert: good and LOUD. They started out rocking to “Dead and Gone” and “Next Girl” and slowly brought it down over the course of the concert, finishing up with “Lonely Boy” and “Weight of Love”. 90% of the audience was UT-Austin students so I felt like I stuck out a little. I went with my brother and my niece so at least we had someone younger with us. I preferred their softer songs, but I understand I’m not their target demographic.

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