Concert Reviews


These are the concert reviews we've included in my monthly eNewsletter over the years. If you love music as much as we do, email us and tell us what shows you've been to! We love to talk music. (last updated December 2022)

JP Review:

This has been my favorite group for years and I've seen them three times in the past five years. In my opinion, they are the greatest horn and funk band ever with classics such as "You're Still a Young Man" and "What is Hip?". They have a similar sound to Earth, Wind and Fire but at this particular point in time, they sound better. They are touring around in 2023 so if you have a chance, go and see them!

JP Review:

This year was my third time seeing this large Russian and Ukrainian horn band - they do perfect covers of Chicago, Steely Dan, Earth, Wind and Fire, Tower of Power and Chaka Khan. I feel they are better than the original bands who now tour. I admire them for their energetic performances, their hard work and they were brave in saying they oppose the war and love the people of the United States.

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