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Sometimes, rather than a job change, you (or someone you work with) may be seeking career guidance within your current job and/or current employer. These situations can include career mapping to help you reach that goal, seeking guidance through the negotiation process of a promotion and/or raise, or maybe you want to build on your leadership skills. For these and other scenarios, we have partnered with three separate and self-made Career Coaches. Debbi, Luke and Doug are all engineers, possess industry experience themselves, have built their own career-coaching businesses and have earned our full endorsement for anyone looking for a development coach.

Rising Careers LLC

In her encore career, Debbi Musch is blazing new trails as a Career Coach and owner of Rising Careers, LLC. Having had a successful 25+ year career as a chemical engineer (ExxonMobil), she brings this expertise with her to champion the next generation of leaders. Debbi offers one-on-one career coaching, resume building, career mapping, and leadership development all through her unique and positive inquiry process. Consistent with her passion of building others up, she volunteers her personal time and donates a portion of her income to charitable organizations that also focus on lifting others up.

Phone: (614) 412-1319

Career Accelerator Program

Luke Feldmeier is a chemical engineer (Villanova University, 2009) currently working for Bloom Energy. As a way of giving back, he created the Career Accelerator Program ™, specifically taking on technical professional clients to help them with everything from career mapping and exploration (figuring out what kind of role or path is a best fit), to making clients marketable for their next career progression through optimizing the resume, online profiles, and interview prep, to networking and leadership general he helps people to get in front of peers and make their next higher paying and rewarding career progression.

Phone: (240) 775-0545 <-- texting welcomed

Engineering Leadership Coaching

Doug Howard (PE) shows engineering managers and leaders how to leverage people skills to increase their impact, scale up in their role and contribute at higher levels. Most engineering mangers get promoted based on their technical performance, without ever learning the unique skills required to effectively lead and manage people. His Leadership 'Accelerator for Engineers' group coaching program teaches these skills using a unique science-based framework for understanding human behavior and psychology. He couples this with helping you develop a leadership style that is aligned with your natural personality, strengths and values.


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