Chemical Industry News Round-Up (5/17)

Below are a couple articles that we discovered this week:

+ As the push on sustainability continues, 7 major players (BASF, Covestro, Dow.. to name a few) have teamed up with TNO, a Dutch innovation institute, to research and develop new ways to address and process chemical recycling initiatives. Link to the Article

+ DuPont have acquired another company, Spectrum Plastics Group, for almost $2B. Spectrum specializes in providing materials for the healthcare industry – it’s estimated that around 10% of DuPont’s overall revenue will now come from this industry. Link to the Article

+ This isn’t what we like to report on, but it’s part of the reality of working within the industry. An explosion has occurred in Newburyport, MA at a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant (Seqens, formerly PCI Synthesis) causing 1 death and 4 other hospitalizations. Link to the Article