Chemical Industry News Round-Up (2/22)

Here’s what we’ve found that’s been happening in the industry this week:

+ Companies are continuing to focus on sustainability by lowering their carbon footprint in liquid fuel manufacturing – Johnson Matthey and BP have collaborated to co-develop Fischer Tropsch CANS technology (assists with environmental and operational benefits) that has been acquired by Strategic Biofuels as part of the great Louisiana Green Fuels project. Link to the Article

+ Celanese has completed their EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) capital project investment in their Edmonton, Alberta facility. This allows for the company to provide a wider range of EVA products to serve the growing demands in solar applications, wire & cables, medical devices, and more. Link to the Article

+ The state of Ohio has been on the national radar as of late due to the train derailment in East Palestine (Norfolk Southern) and now due to a metals plant explosion in Bedford. I Schumann & Co had an incident occur at their site that killed 1 person and injured 13. Link to the Article

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