Chemical Industry News Round-Up (1/11)

Below are some interesting articles related to the chemical industry that we discovered this week:

+ Thanks to research at the University of Surrey, a new, promising method of capturing CO2 from the air can be on the horizon – as countries are attempting to focus on sustainability and hitting net-zero goals all over the world, this is a fascinating take that can alter the future of chemical production. Link to the Article

+ Our fellow, across the pond neighbors in the UK are focusing on diminishing the reliance of Russian exports of energy by vamping up the funding of local nuclear fuel production – up to $60M of additional project funding has been added in by the government while also creating more jobs and export opportunities. Link to the Article

+ Are you in the paints or coatings industry? Chemical researchers may have discovered a new catalyst technology that helps convert renewable materials into vital chemicals used within the market – this new discovery can ultimately lower costs of manufacturing goods. Link to the Article

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