Chemical Industry News Round-Up (12/21)

Here is a run-down of some of the stories in the chemical industry this week:

+ The American Chemistry Council (ACC) is predicting a rougher go for the chemical industry in 2023 as compared to 2022, predicting a 1.2% production decrease in the industry next year. They cite inflation, plummeting housing demand, and slowing International demand as reasons for their outlook. Link to the Article

+ In something that matches what we’re seeing from a recruiting standpoint, Globe News is reporting that the fermentation chemical market is one of the fastest growing niches within the broader chemical processing industry. They project this industry to grow from a $62.56B USD market today to nearly a $100B USD industry by 2030. Link to the Article

+ Not sure if its a good thing or a bad (or a neutral thing), but the EPA announced this week that they will be launching a re-design of their New Chemical Review Program with the intention of being more transparent about their process/progress and their decisions. Link to the Article

+ An animation of the 2018 ethylene release and fire was just published by the Chemical Safety Board – I’ve seen several of these videos, truly excellent animation work. Be safe out there everyone. Link to the Video

Someone to Follow on LinkedIn/Twitter: Larry Cosgrove
Weather is important for everyone, but during the winter, knowing what’s coming is especially important in terms of preparing a plant for the elements. I’ve followed MANY meteorologists over the years (because I’m a fanboy of weather) but Larry is one of the best I’ve seen. He doesn’t play into the hype you see with some meteorologists out there – he is just a long-time student of weather and has great instincts that give him insight into what’s coming, usually a few days before it catches on with the local weather teams. Give him a follow on LinkedIn if you are the kind of person who benefits from knowing what’s coming weather-wise.