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Luke Jolly

Technical Recruiter

Phone: (630) 474-9643 x3

I have been working as a recruiting specialist, researcher, and excel spreadsheet sorcerer for about two years at Sun Recruiting. I graduated from Wheaton College with a Bachelor’s in Communications in 2018. Prior to this job I have worked a wide variety of jobs from selling shaved ice at flea markets, to working as a clerk in a law office, to calling and harassing hotel front desk staff to help victims of natural disasters. This has been a fun and challenging career so far and I look forward to continuing this path for the foreseeable future.

Short Interview with Luke Jolly:

What is a skill you would like to have?

Though I am a big card and board game fanatic I have never gotten shuffling cards down quite right. It’s something on my to do list that I have never gotten around to.

What do you like to read?

I am on a bit of a science fiction short story kick at the moment; the majority of which I read from a series of yearly collections consolidated by an author and editor named Gardner Dozois. I really enjoy these collections because they offer a wide variety of perspectives, writing styles, and worlds; on one page you could be reading about an inmate in a prison camp located in an alternate timeline communist USA and on the next you could be reading about aliens coming to earth to teach humanity their language which alters the speaker’s perception of time. I also enjoy history books like Rick Atkinson’s Day of Battle, which is an account of the Allied invasion of Sicily and Italy during World War 2.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

In terms of accomplishments, I’m proud of achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. It’s an accomplishment that requires a wide swath of skills, many of which I use to this day.

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